A diplomat from the previous Afghan government determined himself in rate of his united states of america’s project to the UN in New York when its ambassador resigned after the Taliban sought to replace him.Naseer Faiq, who changed into serving as political coordinator — a 3rd-rating diplomat in New York while the Taliban swept to strength in 2021 — has been since walking the Afghan venture notwithstanding objections from the u . S . A .’s de facto government.

Taliban leaders were seeking to put their representative in the usa’s seat at the UN.

Once a large assignment with 16 diplomats and nearby body of workers earlier than the Taliban takeover, it has been downsized to 4 people, including Faiq, its rate d’affaires.

“We aren’t in touch with the Taliban. We aren’t representing the Taliban. We are the handiest voice of the oppressed groups in Afghanistan,” he said in an interview with Anadolu. “We are representing the voice of unvoiced humans. Those corporations which can be underneath oppression, particularly women, human rights defenders, girl’s rights defenders, reporters, and army and countrywide safety forces.

“We are clearly financially suffering right now. That’s why most of our colleagues left the challenge because they’ve financial problems and that they have households,” he said. “It’s not easy, however for us, our principal goal is how to aid the people of Afghanistan at a completely critical time after they need us.”

“There are nonetheless payments piling up on, we’re trying to one way or the other control but we have not been able to pay some thing,” stated Faiq.

He said some Taliban contributors had been trying to undermine his role by supplying him as if he have been receiving out of doors economic help.

“We are not receiving any sort of economic assist from any supply — neither nationally nor across the world,” he said.“I am maintaining the integrity of our undertaking and myself and being honourable, trying to be credible and seeking to enhance voices of Afghanistan,” he said. “I’m very honoured and happy that at this essential time at least I’m doing something right for my humans from my country. And I’m certain that it is going to be recorded in records.”

“I were the voice of Afghan human beings and I have been sharing anything’s going on in Afghanistan, a number of the violations, the atrocities, all these things that happen … And I’m positive that the Taliban are not satisfied with me and I is probably on their blacklist,” he added.

The Taliban’s go back to power in Afghanistan on Aug. 15, 2021, accompanied with the aid of the disruption of worldwide financial help has left the worn-torn usa in monetary, humanitarian and human rights crises.

Taliban rulers have installed a sustained assault on human rights regardless of their commitments to defend human and women’s rights.Women and women were deprived of their rights, inclusive of the proper to training and disappeared from public lifestyles underneath the Taliban.

Thousands of ladies have considering the fact that lost their jobs or had been compelled to resign from authorities institutions and the non-public area.

‘We realize that they haven’t modified. We recognise that they may now not change,” said Faiq.

He stated there is probably a few most of the Taliban with specific perspectives but they’re not in a position to behave against the leader.

“They both haven’t any authority to make a trade, or they may be simply by some means in collaboration with their leader, just seeking to play the good cop and the horrific cop. Some of them try to engage with the worldwide network and say that we are open-minded, we guide women’s education, but it’s our chief, selections are made in Kandahar.”

He said the Taliban is intentionally shopping for time to wear out the endurance of the international network for it to realise them and normalise the scenario.

“We hope that this will now not manifest,” he stated.

Faiq stated the Taliban were not equipped to take a seat down with every person to speak.

“Right now they declare that they defeated the worldwide network or NATO and they may be in a triumphant mood,” he stated.

He also said there was no robust political will from the international network to deal with the Taliban, which he referred to as an “unfortunate” state of affairs.

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