A big trove of emails from Mexico’s Defense Department is among electronic communications taken via a set of hackers from military and police businesses throughout numerous Latin American nations, Mexico’s president confirmed Friday.

The acknowledgement with the aid of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador comes after Chile’s authorities said last week that emails have been taken from its Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Mexican president spoke at his day by day news convention following a neighborhood media document that the hack found out formerly unknown details about a health scare he had in January.

López Obrador downplayed the hack, saying that “there’s not anything that isn’t recognised.” He stated the intrusion apparently passed off for the duration of a alternate of Defense Department systems.

But Chile changed into so worried with the aid of the breach to its very own structures that it referred to as its defense minister lower back from the United States last week where she become attending the United Nations General Assembly with President Gabriel Boric.The 10 terabytes of records taken with the aid of the group also encompass emails from the militaries in El Salvador, Peru and Colombia, in addition to El Salvador’s National Police. The Mexico part of the information seemed to be the biggest.A group of nameless, self-described social justice warriors who call themselves Guacamaya say they use hacking to expose injustice and corruption in protection of Indigenous peoples. Hackers using the identical name previously hacked and released the emails of a mining organization long accused of human rights and environmental abuses in Guatemala.

In a statement accompanying the most recent action, the institution complained of the plundering of Latin America, which it refers to as Abya Yala, by means of colonizers and the persevering with extractivist dreams of the “Global North.”

The institution issued a 1,four hundred-phrase comunique announcing that the militaries and police of Latin American international locations, often with vast training by the USA, are used by governments “to maintain their population prisoner.”

“The police minimize the threat that the people workout their honorable right to protest, to spoil the device that oppresses them,” the organization wrote.

The group said it’d make the files to be had to newshounds, however to date best a tiny element has been said — in part, perhaps, due to the sheer amount of the facts.In an electronic mail change, the hackers said that their evaluation of the Mexico emails thus far indicated that an awful lot of the statistics changed into already publicly to be had and that they doubted there had been “explosive” emails — probable due to the fact extra sensitive communications had been higher blanketed.

But they stated there has been evidence of the military carefully following political and social moves.

They stated those include relatives of forty three students who were kidnapped with the aid of nearby police and allegedly passed over to be killed by way of a drug gang in 2014 — a case in which a few military officers had been accused of involvement — as well as the Zapatista insurrection movement that staged a 1994 rebellion in southern Mexico and organizations opposed to López Obrador’s cutting-edge attempt to construct a vacationer train around the Yucatan Peninsula.

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