Iwas born with Poland syndrome, a disorder that avoided the formation of my right arm and pectoral muscle tissues. I was bullied at college. People stated such things as, “It’s not your fault that you were born like this, it’s your mom’s fault.” Or asked me to seize a ball with my proper hand. Stupid feedback that wouldn’t affect me now, but returned then they struck very difficult.

I would play with Lego lots as a child. I got my first package when I became 5. My dad and mom realised it become a brilliant manner to improve my dexterity. I just stored going, constructing planes and vehicles. I even built a guitar.

I changed into passionate about films at the net about Lego Technic – a more superior range – and the way to use it to build stuff like guns that shoot rubber bands. When I turned into nine, I built my first prosthetic arm from Lego Technic. My first prosthetic changed into a easy container that I could match my arm inner.I lost interest in Lego for a few years, but once I changed into 17 I picked it up again and made every other prosthetic that I referred to as the MK-1, which had fingers, a motor and a stress sensor. It had a movable elbow joint and grabber that might select things up.

Before I built my first arm, I had already determined I didn’t need a prosthetic. My dad and mom and I had appeared into getting one some years in advance, however I realised they had been very high-priced and weren’t furnished with the aid of the authorities. So I concept, perhaps I don’t want one due to the fact I’m doing simply first-rate. I look a little bit specific, but that’s OK. It’s type of ironic that I don’t use the prosthetics myself, but by the time I commenced making them I had already adapted to my circumstance. I cause them to because it’s amusing.

I have on the grounds that made several new versions. My modern-day model, the MK-V, is the maximum advanced and cozy yet. It has a control unit which could send and receive orders from sensors at the arm to the vehicles, with cables that contract like muscles.

I named my prosthetics MK in tribute to the comedian ebook superhero Iron Man and his MK armour fits. My creations are very strong and sturdy. I wanted to test how clean it turned into to interrupt a prosthetic, so I started to hit it towards a wall – it become the wall that ended up broken.

We made a video about my creations and it went viral. At 23, I’m the Guinness global record-holder for being the first individual to build his personal absolutely functioning prosthetic arm using Lego bricks. A documentary has been made approximately me and my dad, and I actually have simply written a e-book about my lifestyles.
I have a YouTube channel, Hand Solo, where I percentage movies of my work so others can examine. I turned into barely concerned about using the Star Wars name, but my dad wrote a letter to Disney, which owns the rights, explaining my situation and it agreed to allow me maintain the name.

A lot of people don’t have the resources to shop for a prosthetic because they can be very highly-priced. Some prosthetics are less expensive than others, however the pinnacle-notch superior fashions can fee as much as an Aston Martin. So my goal is to try to make some which can be more inexpensive. I am presently studying bioengineering, and through my studies, I desire to assist extra human beings.

When I turned into 19, the mother and father of an eight-yr-antique boy with phocomelia had seen my paintings and were given in contact to invite if I may want to build him a prosthetic. His legs and arms are underdeveloped as a part of his situation, so I made two prosthetic fingers the use of Lego units costing only €15. His smile whilst he used them for the primary time changed into very empowering. I’ve had many requests to make prosthetics, but I should spend time considering the layout and utility.

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