Amazon Prime Video’s most recent Kannada film Ikkat, which debuted on July 21, opens with three individuals in a house, looking quickly for something that is stowing away in the dividers. The couple, played by Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty, and an anonymous bug control fellow are searching for an insect, which is of a gigantic size, the sort that is normally found in Amazon rainforests or Fantastic Beasts films.

For some unexplained reasons, the monstrous bug has made a home in a confined two-room loft of Vasu (Nagabhushana) and Janvi (Bhoomi Shetty). All things considered, the beginning of the insect or how it entered the couple’s life isn’t the fundamental concern. The eight-legged animal is by all accounts a representation of sorts for inconvenience in marriage.

The scene sets up that there is a bug (conjugal strife) in the relationship. Furthermore, regardless they do, the couple can’t dispose of it.The film is set in the setting of the primary rush of the Covid pandemic and the ensuing cover lockdown that carried the whole country to a stop. Vasu and Janvi, who are mulling over separate, are compelled to endure each other for the following 21 days. In any case, “the arachnid”, stowing away in the closet or under the bunk, muddles things. A far off relative with a genuine hack additionally appears at their entryway excluded, adding to the all around tacky situation.Ikkat is loaded with clean humor, which is established in the way Bengalureans live, talk, eat and engage one another. The satire comes from the couple’s battle to adapt to life during lockdown. The film consistently catches the underlying distrustfulness made by news channels, meddlesome neighbors, the distress of facilitating excluded visitors and senseless things individuals did to interest themselves. While it isn’t unequivocal, the film additionally considers how the lockdown added to the weight of ladies at home.

Ikkat is the main component film of movie producers Esham and Haseen Khan. They had before done a web series called Loose Connection for a YouTube page, Sakkath Studio. That clarifies the team’s wordy story style, which feels like you are watching daytime TV. Ikkat is basically a 2-hour scene of a couple making a decent attempt not to kill one another. Be that as it may, it is keen, entertaining and clever.

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