The PTI chief on Monday expressed his fear of being arrested again, pronouncing that despite the fact that he had obtained bails in cases against him, he might be taken into custody when he seems before the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the Al-Qadir Trust case on Tuesday (these days).Imran made those feedback on his authentic Twitter deal with.

“I actually have all the bails required, but the situation is such that they can arrest me again,” he claimed.

On May 9, Imran became arrested by Rangers from the Islamabad High Court premises in the Al-Qadir Trust case on the orders of the anti-corruption watchdog.

His arrest sparked nationwide chaos with protesters ransacking authorities properties and army installations.

The government held the PTI chairman liable for the protests and arrested loads of birthday celebration supporters and leaders.

The incumbent regime alleged that Imran and his wife Bushra Bibi acquired land well worth tens of millions of greenbacks as a bribe from a actual property rich person via the Al-Qadir Trust.

The agree with, a non-governmental welfare company, changed into installation by means of Bushra and Imran in 2018 when the latter served because the most appropriate. The trust runs a college outside Islamabad committed to spirituality and Islamic teachings.

During the Twitter space on Monday, Imran entreated his supporters to stay peaceful in case he become arrested.

“I ask human beings to remain peaceful due to the fact if you get violent, they’ll get a danger to release a crackdown once more. We need to constantly protest peacefully.”He said there “won’t be a whole lot of a reaction” if he became arrested again due to the fact the “PTI management turned into both in jail or in hiding”.

The former surest said that he had no warfare with the military and reiterated his number one objective of maintaining fair and transparent elections within the us of a.

“I need to clear one aspect that I am now not combating my personal navy. Who does that? There become no war with the military earlier than, and there isn’t always one now,” he stated. “All I need is that elections are held.”

Drawing parallels, the previous most fulfilling maintained that censuring navy changed into like “I criticise my youngsters”.

“I might never want our military to get weakened.”

The former highest quality claimed that “spoilers” at some point of the May nine protests have been in the back of attacking the military installations, particularly the Lahore corps commander’s house.

“We have not executed it (violent protests), nor has our management performed it. You have current gadgets, you could check it.”

He termed the May nine violence a “pre-deliberate” act.

“We are convinced that this changed into pre-deliberate. They desired responsible the violence on us and justify the crackdown.”He claimed that 25 “unarmed protesters” were shot dead, calling for an unbiased investigation into the May nine events.

The former foremost stated that the whole nation had now pinned hopes on the Supreme Court.

“In my opinion, the Supreme Court will stand tall. It has confirmed itself to be independent. The navy courts etc, that have undermined fundamental rights, will no longer be successful. I accept as true with that the judiciary will take a stand. We are fortunate to have such capable judges. I am confident that they’ll stand company and save you any catastrophe from unfolding,” he introduced.

Imran claimed that the PTI turned into the most popular birthday party within the us of a, adding that democracy would survive right here.

“How will you eliminate a vote bank? The reputation of PTI is above 70 in keeping with cent. PTI can even surpass a two-thirds majority if elections are held proper now. Do whatever you need, but people know me. They have acknowledged the PTI for 27 years. We have in no way resorted to violence,” he maintained.

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