Harsh Tandon (Jaaved Jaaferi) is a successful businessman who lives simplest for paintings. He is cajoled through his wife Shalini (Niki Aneja Walia) into taking a vacation to which he says no initially but later, on the suggest of his psychiatrist says yes as he has been having hassle sleeping and has been seeing visions. The circle of relatives, comprising daughter Tanu (Meenakshi Dixit), son Sam (Rishab Chadha), Tanu’s boyfriend Rahul (Karan Anand) in addition to each parents decide to adopt a avenue ride. On the way to Nainital from Lucknow, they take a detour which proves risky as they come upon supernatural elements bent on destroying them…

Director Prabhuraj has stumble on the proper concept — that of an American ‘cabin in the woods’ slasher movie — but fails to offer it the desired touches. First of all, the frame rely is too low. Only two human beings die. That’s hardly ever the point of a horror film. Then, the deaths aren’t ugly enough. We don’t get a shiver down our spines when they arise. The ghosts — whether it’s the little girl or her mom aren’t fear-inducing either. They each seem like the makeup dada has applied a lot talcum powder and has overdone the mascara. The subject matter — that of karma biting human beings inside the bum one fine day is as vintage as the hills as nicely. In his frenzy to whip up horror, Prabhuraj has piled on jump cuts aplenty and has used excessive pitched eerie music — which too doesn’t paintings after some time. It could were fun if the family grew to become on every other and commenced hacking each other — there were enough sharp-looking contraptions lying around the outhouse wherein they take refuge but unfortunately such matters don’t happen. Weird is the key to a hit horror or suspense is the solution but right here each factors are missing. The films starts offevolved off as a horror movie but lamentably finishes as a moralistic story.

Vijay Raaz has been taken just to put on oversized coats and look mysterious — which he manages to do with plenty of conviction — in any other case his individual has 0 say inside the tale. Jaaved Jaaferi has of overdue made made a name in comedy and gambling a man or woman having grey sun shades should have come as a task for him. He appears more healthy than both his son and future son-in-regulation in the movie and tries gamely to rise himself above the shambolic court cases. Rishab Chadha’s person — that of a youngster who loves to play pranks — had the maximum potential however is sadly no longer explored completely.

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