Popular actor Hira Mani, recognised for her acting, singing, and dancing competencies, has been in the information these days for clarifying an vintage announcement about ‘stealing her buddy’s fiancé’. The actor regarded on Nida Yasir’s morning display with her husband, Mani (Salman Saqib Sheikh), to cope with the talk. Nida brought on the couple to talk approximately Hira’s in advance declaration.

The Mein Hari Piya star Hira clarified, “First of all, in case you saw that interview, I didn’t say that he’s the fiancé of my friend, I stated that he became a friend of my buddy. It wasn’t an engagement or something else, and I shared it at the show.” Mani additionally spoke up, interjecting that the lady in query changed into simply another random contact on his list. He in addition said that he used to speak to her like he did with lots of different girls at that time. Mani additionally stated that this passed off at some stage in a time while social media did no longer exist, and he took advantage of that time.“Everyone has their own adventure and lifestyles,” the Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bohut big name persevered. “No one may be like every body else. Every man or woman has their personal spark. In existence, there are numerous troubles. Sometimes, troubles arise among couples. People don’t continually marry those they need. My lifestyles is sort of a fairytale. Truly. When it involves my marriage, kids, and profession. It’s like my life is walking on manifestation. I think it is because of my reality.”

During an vintage interview on Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada, Hira discovered that she met her husband by grabbing his contact range from her friend’s mobile phone (who turned into allegedly Mani’s lady friend/fiancée) with out her buddy’s expertise. This prompted an uproar amongst many social media customers, who accused Hira of being untrue to her friend. The couple has been married since 2008 and has two sons collectively.

Hira has been fairly open approximately her love story with Mani inside the past, recounting that she were given with the comic behind her pal’s again, whom he turned into relationship on the time. On the complaint she obtained following the revelation, the actor explained, “People criticise me due to the fact I stole Mani’s range from my friend’s telephone and messaged him behind her again, but the reality is, I have no regrets. People can say what they want. Even if Mani became married to a person else, I might have married him regardless.

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