Pakistan on Thursday said it would study the proposal floated through Iran with regard to forming an Indian Ocean Naval Alliance geared toward ensuring collective maritime safety.

Iranian Naval Chief Rear Admiral Shahram Irani had proposed the alliance comprising Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India and Pakistan.

“We have seen that declaration and we are able to take a look at any proposal in relation to Pakistan. At this degree, we aren’t in a role to comment on a announcement which has been made,” Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch instructed her weekly information briefing.

The inspiration, if done, could be one of the most critical regional protection initiatives after the China-mediated rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran in March this year. According to the reports, China may additionally have an important function to play in the proposed maritime alliance.

China has emerged a key player inside the Middle East politics with brokering a landmark deal among Saudi Arabia and Iran.Meanwhile, the spokesperson said Pakistan might comply with its legal guidelines and international responsibilities even as taking on the cases of individuals liable for the activities of May 9.

Responding to a question about the US State Department’s request approximately the supply of consular get admission to to a suspect of May9 vandalism, Khadija Shah, and requests thinking about other twin nationals who have been detained, the spokesperson said that requests have been acquired and forwarded to the Ministry of Interior.

The spokesperson turned into asked “whether or not the authorities of Pakistan is inclined to provide consular get entry to to her and some other person due to the fact many dual nationals are concerned inside the unfortunate incidents of ninth May”.

The spokesperson became similarly asked that many suspects of May nine incidents had both fled the united states of america or have been hiding overseas as they maintain twin nationalities, and whether or not Pakistan turned into looking for their custody or any get right of entry to to the ones who have fled this country.

To this, Baloch answered, “On both your questions, I would really like to underline that Pakistan will follow its laws and its international duties, in bringing to justice people accountable for the events of 9th May. We have obtained the requests that you have referred to, and those requests were sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Interior, which takes final decision in such instances”.

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She reiterated her previous stance, stressing that “the characters involved in the activities of May nine are being introduced to justice in line with the law”.

“Pakistan is a rustic governed by using the Constitution and regulation. Basic rights are to be had to all residents in Pakistan,” she introduced, “the authorities of Pakistan is pleasing all nearby laws and international commitments.”

Baloch yet again rejected “baseless allegations of human rights violations in Pakistan”.

The US had known as on Pakistan to furnish consular get entry to to Khadija Shah, a outstanding fashion designer with dual citizenship who has been detained within the wave of arrests that passed off inside the aftermath of May 9 protests.

The US State Department had said its diplomats have no longer had get right of entry to to Shah who was produced before an anti-terrorism court following her arrest.

“We have requested Pakistani officials for consular get admission to to her,” State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel had informed journalists, confirming Shah’s dual nationality.

“Whenever a US citizen is arrested distant places, we stand ready to provide all suitable assistance and we count on Pakistani authorities to recognize all fair-trial guarantees owed to these detainees,” Patel had said.

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