President Vladimir Putin on Friday said that Russia has written off money owed of African states well worth $23 billion.Speaking at the second Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg, Putin said ninety% of debts of African international locations had been settled, without a more “direct” debts however a few financial responsibilities.

Putin mentioned that Russia’s attention to Africa is regularly growing, which is evident in plans to boom diplomatic presence on the continent.

“This is a actual practical step to noticeably intensify work with African nations inside the political, enterprise, humanitarian, cultural and tourism spheres,” he burdened.

Moscow additionally helps further illustration of African international locations in the Security Council and other UN systems, he said.The political and monetary role of Africa is growing exponentially, the continent is turning into a brand new centre of energy, which absolutely everyone will have to take into consideration,” he stated.

Putin cited the African peace initiative for Ukraine for instance of the continent’s increasing political function. “This in itself says plenty, because previously any mediation missions had been monopolized completely through countries with so-known as advanced democracy,” he said.Colonial ‘legacy’ impediment to Africa’s development

According to Putin, the state of affairs in many areas of Africa stays volatile due to the legacy of the colonial generation and the “divide and rule” coverage pursued via the West.

“A wide variety of manifestations of colonialism have no longer yet been removed, they are nonetheless practiced by means of former metropolises. The monopoly of some countries in the field of finance, era, virtual and within the discipline of meals is unacceptable, it needs to be fought,” he stated.

The improvement of the continent is hindered by terrorism, the spread of extremist ideology, transnational crime, and piracy, he stated.

“In countering these threats, Russia additionally offers its assistance. We are interested by the closest cooperation among regulation enforcement agencies and unique services of the Russian Federation and African nations. We are determined to continue training military employees and law enforcement officials of African countries in Russian specialized academic establishments,” he stated.

Putin said Russia signed agreements on army-technical cooperation with greater than forty African states, and furnished them with various guns and device.

“Some of these substances are free of price, a good way to reinforce the safety and sovereignty of these states,” he said.

Putin also stated the state of affairs in Libya, saying: “It is essential to achieve true country wide cohesion, to prevent the territory of Libya from becoming a sector of war of words among third states.”

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