Film stars are described with the aid of their fanatics. The enthusiasts idolise them to no give up and can pass to silly lengths to get an autograph or a selfie from the person they cherish. A star’s screen character will become real for a real fan. A male celebrity, specifically, turns into a paragon of distinctive feature as well as machismo. He will become someone who can do no wrong. And his fans could willingly forgive him any wrongdoing, even homicide. But what takes place whilst scales fall off the eyes of a superfan? When he finally sees that his idol is as actual and as incorrect as him and now not the god-like being he’s been worshipped as? Would the fan still bathe love and appreciate or would circulate on? And what takes place whilst their egos collide? Selfiee, that is an official remake of the Malayalam hit Driving Licence (2019), starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Suraj Venjaramoodu, attempts to answer some of these questions and springs up with some quirky solutions.

There is a parable that announces that for need of a nail, a kingdom turned into misplaced. That’s form of genuine in Selfiee’s case as nicely. Superstar Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar), involves Bhopal to shoot a movie. The climax of the film calls for sure permissions, which could best be granted if he has a valid riding licence. But he has lost his license, and because of instances, the brand new one hasn’t come on time. A local politician (Meghna Malik) promises to have one made in days with the assist of RTO sub inspector Om Prakash Aggarwal (Emraan Hashmi), who is a large fan of Vijay Kumar.Om Prakash requests that Vijay comes early within the morning to the police station as a formality, however the press is tipped off about the visit. Vijay Kumar, who’s emotionally on facet because of some personal problems, thinks that it’s Om Prakash who has known as the click for his 15 seconds of fame. He berates the police officer in the front of absolutely everyone, even his son. Humiliated, the officer vows to make the megastar pay for his movements. He accuses the actor of misusing his energy and even goes on a quick against him. The media pounces on all of it, and it quickly will become a circus. Things exit of hand while the policeman’s son receives hurt after a stone throwing incident. Now, the superfan is out to get the superstar, who is in chance of dropping his reputation and career. How things get reconciled forms the crux of the story.

Director Raj Mehta has saved things real. We see a star surrounded by way of a retinue all of the time, suffering to find time to be himself for as soon as and spend a few fine time with his wife (Diana Penty). We see the belaboured manufacturer hovering around, panic-eating all the time because the movie’s budget goes for a toss, his circumstance worsening while his megastar starts offevolved getting bad press. We see a faithful secretary (Mahesh Thakur), the celebrity’s most effective confidant, silently supporting his boss in the midst of an absurd situation which seems to be going out of hand, at the same time as his organization is shaken out of his consolation zone. The superstar is in a real combat, with all of his money and strength failing to overpower a lowly sub inspector.The drama is buoyed by moments of slapstick introduced by means of Abhimanyu Singh, who acts as Vijay Kumar’s rival inside the movie. He’s a failed famous person who’s been reduced to making TV advertisements and is envious as hell of the celebrity.

Diana Penty acts as a concerned partner with aplomb and truly need to have had a longer role. The same could be stated of Nushrratt Bharuccha, who plays Emraan’s nagging spouse. Abhimanyu Singh has been acknowledged for his critical roles, and it become fun to look him strive his hand at bodily comedy. Emraan Hashmi has allow move of his celebrity’s mantle and stuck to being a character throughout. Barring his try at getting the Bhopal accessory right, he has given a sincere overall performance as a heartbroken superfan out for revenge. His disagreement scenes with Akshay Kumar are the soul of the film. Akshay Kumar sincerely had a ball playing a sanitised model of himself. He has managed to bring the vulnerability of a celebrity, and has given a plausible overall performance as an idol who gets a surprise to his device however comes again stronger because of it.

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